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CAD Model Downloads – How Many do Designers Download

Question:‘How often do you typically search for and download ready made 3D CAD models?’

Answer: This is a really important question because if you can get your products ‘designed in’ by potential customers they will be purchased when that design is manufactured. ‘Two thirds of [worldwide CAD] users download at least one ready made 3D CAD model a year, the majority doing so monthly.’ The weighted average downloads per person across all the industries surveyed is 30 CAD model downloads per year.

2014 CAD Trends Survey - How many CAD Models do designers download?

A recent worldwide CAD Trends 2014 survey by CAD Market Research Specialist Business Advantage Group offers an up-to-date answer to this question The chart above is re-published here with kind permission of Business Advantage Group and the full report is available here. We look forward to next year’s survey to see how this number trends.

The best way to get your products ‘designed in’ is to offer CAD models of them for download from your website and promote them online (for example in CAD portals like But how do you find out if this approach will work for you? Whether to offer your products as 3D CAD models for download from your website depends on whether your customers will download and incorporate them into their new CAD designs?

The above CAD Trends survey result is an average across a worldwide audience of CAD designers – to confirm if your customers and potential customers will download CAD Models of your products from your website answer these questions or survey your customers to ask them:

  • Have your customers asked for CAD models or drawings of your products? (if ‘Yes’ consider how many haven’t bother to ask but when they didn’t find them on your website – just went elsewhere)when downloaded CAD models of parts are purchased - how many units are ordered?
  • If ‘Yes’ how do you meet that need today and what does it cost? (would it be less expensive/disruptive as a self help solution on your website)
  • Do any of your competitors offer online CAD models of drawings of their products?
  • If so what has been the customer reaction – is it a competitive advantage over your company? (See chart on right for the importance of CAD model downloads when selecting a supplier ref: CDS 2014 survey of CAD Downloaders N=185)

That’s what we think, but please tell us what you think?

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