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How Long Does an Industrial Online Catalog Take to Yield a Return

This is an important question for industrial suppliers looking to stay up-to-date with online marketing, search and eCommerce. Two recent case studies on CDS Catalog as a Service™ prove what is possible in as little as 3 or 4 months:

1. RTS Cutting Tools, Inc. is a market leader in providing special custom cutting tools to hydraulics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and manufacturing companies. They had an old website that no longer satisfied the needs of modern customers especially wrt to search. RTS commissioned a new website and catalog (including faceted search) and “within 4 months of it going live have received enough online orders to pay for it,.” In addition the site has helped their salespeople close other offline orders.


2. Global Tooling Solutions (GTS) is the home of Gator Lathe Chucks and Talon Precision Tooling. They needed an online product catalog with excellent part search capabilities, short-listed two suppliers with industrial product specific catalogs and selected CDS. Their new website and catalog resulted in a dramatically improved representation of GTS online. Conversion numbers are up – phone calls, RFQs, form submissions, etc. and visitors are up by over 50%. The site launched last November and “paid for itself in new business within 3 months” – the fastest and best ROI of any marketing investment they have ever made.


Of course can’t guarantee you’ll necessarily see the same rapid return as RTS and GTS but please call us to discuss your particular circumstances and we’ll together see if it’s possible.

That’s what we think, but please tell us what you think?

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