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Industrial B2B eCommerce – Are You using this Advantage Yet

Most of us now search online for what we need. Industrial designers and engineers do too, especially when searching for the components and parts they need for their new product designs.

Often they search online while working on new product designs in their Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems – for example a designer of a new gearbox probably needs gears, shafts, bearings, springs and many more parts, most of which will be existing components available from component suppliers. Then, once a new product design is completed and approved, Buyers need to source the components specified in the design. Obviously industrial part and component suppliers need to keep up with this changed product selection and buying process. In short they need to use eCommerce.

At minimum that means presenting their products on their websites with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure they are found.But suppliers can do much better than that! They can actually turn the new buying process to their advantage by symbiotically helping customers and themselves.
When a CAD model is downloaded, how often is the physical part purchased?

Here’s how it works:

1. Industrial manufactures or distributors add a new content type, viewable and downloadable Computer Aided Design (CAD) model downloads of their parts to their website part detail pages. CAD model downloads of parts are valuable and highly relevant to both the suppliers and their industrial product designer customers.

2. Designers searching for parts find and download CAD models of the parts and include them in their new designs. The high value for the customers is that downloading CAD models instead of drawing them from scratch saves time and increases productivity.

3. For suppliers the high relevance is that the part is selected and the CAD model and part details (e.g. part number) ‘designed in’ to potential customer’s new CAD designs. Suppliers products are selected (instead of competitors’ products), designed in and then purchased (on average 50% of the time a CAD model is downloaded).

For full details of the survey click on the image, for full details on CAD Downloads including short video case studies see the set of pages starting here.

That’s what we think, but please tell us what you think?

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