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Industrial B2B eCommerce – How Online Catalogs CAD Can Drive SEO

We don’t really go after customers online,” said Grainger Vice President of e-commerce Paul Miller at a 2013 conference. “If we’re doing our job right, they should be finding us.”

Paul has succinctly captured the point of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for industrial suppliers and Grainger’s eCommerce success underlines it.

SEMRush Traffic report for AST Bearings website

For eCommerce to work, your products have to be found before they can be designed in or purchased. For this reason Industrial B2B eCommerce specialists, such as CDS and its partners, focus on delivering SEO within every customer solution. The graph above is a good example – it shows how AST Bearings traffic has grown in the last couple of years while using CDS B2B eCommerce tools within their TopSpot built website.

If you want to achieve similar results here are six questions to think about:

  • Do all your pages accrue ‘Google-juice’ to your domain rather than to someone else’s domain? That includes all your Catalog, part-detail, CAD model, etc. pages.
  • Do you have a part-detail page for every product? That includes every variant of every product so that long tail searches find your products.
  • Are 3D CAD models available for every product?
  • Do your equivalent products show up in part number searches for your competitors’ products?
  • Can your part data (including CAD Models) be managed from one master data set?
  • Can that data set be syndicated to popular design engineer sites (such as

CDS Catalogs, Configurators and CAD ModelServer automatically focus on helping you answer YES to all these questions and so achieve high SEO ranking. If you answered NO to any of these questions or aren’t seeing the kind of results that AST Bearings are achieving then let’s talk.

* A final note on Grainger. The $118 billion U.S. market for industrial supplies is divided among hundreds of suppliers. Grainger has the largest market share at 6 percent of the market, up from 4.6 percent in 2008 so eCommerce seems to have helped them! Properly executed industrial B2B eCommerce should be doing similar for your business.(ref: TED Magazine article linked above)

That’s what we think, but please tell us what you think?

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