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How can Online Catalogs & CAD Models Help Traditional Trade Show Marketing

Online marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing (or whatever else it might be called) is now a mainstream part of company overall marketing; it can and should be integrated with traditional marketing wherever one can boost the other.ASK Power booth at IEEE Show 2014

As an example some CDS customers report great success using their online Catalog solutions (Catalog as a Service) and CAD Download solutions (CAD as a Service) as central attractions on their trade show booths. Steve Kase, CEO of ASK Power put it this way,‘Both the Engineering product and the website launch were the major attraction of our 2014 IEEE tradeshow booth, with Touch Screen visibility! Our customers were introduced to us visually and once they were drawn in we began the “engineering show/ask/tell” activity. There were many times when we had more people at our booth than multi-billion dollar competitors!’

(Picture on the right features Clint Mason of ASK Power demonstrating to a customer at the 2014 IEEE trade show)

As another example, AST Bearings did the same at the 2014 CON/AGG Show. Dan Fox, VP Sales and Marketing, AST Bearings said, ‘Integrating technology to our booth – such as a touchscreen monitor – has provided us with new opportunities and tactics to engage visitors. Traditionally, we would be limited to printouts or simply explaining the products, so it is a significant advantage to have the capability to demonstrate products through detailed 3D CAD models and vibrant photography.’AST Bearings booth at XXXX Show 2014

(Picture on the right shows Dan Fox (left) and Chris Kane of AST Bearings)

And one more thing…doing this at trade shows helps teach more customers and prospects to use your website and, as a by-product, you receive first hand feedback on the website and its usability by observing them using it.

That’s what we think, but please tell us what you think?

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