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What Are You Doing With All Those Email Leads You’re Getting

We’re so focused sometimes on generating email address leads that we sometime overlook how best to use them. Today we have a guest post from John Sonnhalter, author of the ‘Tradesmen Insights’ Blog and a specialist in industrial marketing. Enjoy.

We all have a list of customers’ emails in some assemblage of order. What are you doing with them? Let’s not assume just because someone is currently buying from you that they will continue to do so. You need to continue to reinforce why they should do business with you and it doesn’t have to be a sell piece. Give them something of value that they can use in their business. A quick installation tip. A calculator link to help them figure out how much product they need. A CAD modelling tip.

Besides the emails you already have from current, past and future customers, what are you doing with all the leads you’re getting from digital sources such as your product CAD model downloads?When a CAD model is downloaded, how often is the physical part purchased?

Digital media is a great way to build on to your existing database list and start nurturing them along your selling cycle. By using an email marketing tool, you can build silos by market or by where they are in the buying cycle so you can tailor messaging to each.

Here are a few tips in developing your lists:

  • Get their permission – send them an email that you’d like to keep them on a list to send out valuable info on a regular basis that would help them.
  • Ask questions – when sending out the initial request, give them options of things that might interest them, i.e., product updates on models they have downloaded or applications that they would find useful.
  • Get them engaged – invite them to a webinar relevant to their last contact with you (e.g. the product for which they downloaded a CAD model), or send them a how-to video or an e-book if you have one.
  • Stay on topic – focus on what you do. You’re trying to build brand awareness and credibility.
  • Respect their time – experts say you shouldn’t send more than 2-3 emails a month. My recommendation is start with 1.
  • Monitor who’s reading them – by using an email marketing tool, you can see who opened and read your message. If they’re regulars or download specific content (a CAD model download can alert you to the start of a new design that could be using your products), you may want to pass them on to the sales force as a soft lead for them to reach out to.

By developing a list and starting communication with them, you’ll be able to see response rates increase and hopefully sales as well.

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