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CAD Model Content Marketing and Compounding Returns

“Content is one of the few forms of marketing that has a compounding return.” – Tomasz Tunguz

Compounding effect of content marketing over time

Tomasz is a venture capitalist at RedPoint and blogger on SaaS. Here he explains his theory that content marketing delivers compounding returns. “Like a bank account that starts out small and earns incremental gains, but over time becomes quite large, content marketing efforts require consistent investment but ultimately can yield enormous results.” He uses blog posts as the type of content to demonstrate his point and recommends a balance of evergreen (always relevant) and temporal (relevant for a limited time) content but, “content marketing campaigns that skew in favor of more evergreen content will grow faster and bigger than those which focus on temporal content.” The point is that once the ‘evergreen’ content is online it keeps working for you 24*7 and forever.

Here’s our take for B2B (business to business) industrial suppliers (manufacturers and distributors):

  • We fully agree with Tomasz on the compounding effect of content marketing in general but believe that for industrial suppliers, using 3D CAD models and 2D drawings of their products as the ‘evergreen’ content is especially valuable in comparison to other types of contentThis series of 6 posts show how industrial suppliers can radically increase sales by offering downloadable CAD models and drawings of their products. Of all types of online marketing content (e.g. white papers, case studies, brochures, videos, demos, recorded webinars, reviews, CAD model downloads, etc.) only one is known to lead to a sale nearly 50% of the time! CAD downloads may be the most efficient and effective website visitor conversion tool available for industrial suppliers!
  • This compounding effect is likely accelerating in the case of CAD models because annual surveys of CAD users show that they are increasing their use of downloaded models by individually downloading more of them.
  • As with other types of content, good SEO, appropriate link building and CAD model syndicating all increase the return on investment in CAD model content marketing.

In our view 3D CAD Models are the best converting content for industrial suppliers and therefore, if used well, can compound the most!

As Tomasz put it, the bottom line is, “to benefit from the compounding effects of content marketing, marketers should actively invest in building evergreen content that keeps contributing to traffic growth, building the company’s brand and eventually generating sales.” If you’d like to know more about how best to do that with CAD models please call us or click either button below.



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