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Does Discrete or Process Manufacturing Download More CAD

For industrial suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) doing online marketing and/or sales (eCommerce) to particular manufacturing sectors this is really important!


Because if you, as a supplier, can get your products ‘designed in’ by potential customers they will likely be purchased when that design is manufactured.

However, before you adopt this strategy and offer 3D CAD models of your products for download from your website, it’s important to know that customers, in the market sectors or segments that you target, will use them. This March blog post explained the strategy, “Did you know – 3D CAD manufacturing users on average each download >50 CAD models/year“, but since then CAD Market Research Specialist Business Advantage Group has further analyzed their CAD Trends 2016 data for Manufacturing and compared 3D CAD model downloads in the ‘Discrete Manufacturing’ and ‘Process Manufacturing’ sectors. These sectors are defined below:

How often do CAD uses in Discrete and Process Manufacturing Segments download CAD models?

The chart below summarizes the data to show frequency of CAD Model downloads in both the Discrete Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing sectors as well as in Manufacturing overall. It answers the question whether Discrete Manufacturing or Process Manufacturing users download more 3D CAD models?
How often do CAD uses in Discrete and Process Manufacturing Segments download CAD models?

  • The majority of users in each sector download 3D CAD models regularly. 18+11+23+14 = 66% download a 3D CAD model at least every month!
  • However, if we calculate weighted averages, users in Discrete Manufacturing download about 42 3D CAD models/year and users in Process Manufacturing download about 60 3D CAD models/year. Therefore Process Manufacturing users, on average, download more CAD.
  • The biggest difference between the sectors is in users that download 3D CAD models most frequently; significantly more Process Manufacturing users (36%) compared to Discrete Manufacturing users (14%) download 3D CAD models more than 10 times a month!

Interesting huh?

As another reference, more detail on HOW TO USE PRODUCT CAD MODELS TO RADICALLY INCREASE MANUFACTURING SALES is available in a 6 part series of blog posts starting here.

As always, please tell us what you think by commenting below or, if you’d like our opinion on whether downloadable 3D CAD models would be advantageous for your website and marketing, call or click either button below:



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