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Replacing Outdated B2B CAD Marketing Tech in Manufacturing

Digital marketing is ever-evolving and ever-changing – this post is the first in a series of posts to update you on developments in different areas of digital marketing.

Why Replace an Outdated CAD Viewing & Download Solution?

There are 3 main reasons:

  • To drive higher customer adoption and sales – more downloads and inclusions of your CAD models in customer’s CAD designs will lead to more sales
  • To reduce the cost of providing the 3D CAD model and 2D CAD drawing service
  • To offer a better user experience – for competitive advantage

As an industrial B2B component or part supplier (manufacturer or distributor) your content marketing should provide your prospects and customers with 3D CAD models and/or 2D drawings of your products. If you’re not sure why, see 10 Reasons to Use CAD to Increase Industrial B2B eCommerce SalesHow to Use Product CAD Models To radically Increase Manufacturing sales – Part 1 and 10 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a CAD Model Solution.

Whether You are Providing:

  • No CAD model/drawing downloads yet
  • A manual solution – your CAD engineers create and email CAD on request
  • A home-grown solution – perhaps your web team put downloadable CAD files on your website or you may have had to develop an in-house solution because early solutions weren’t capable or flexible enough to accommodate your business processes, industry specifics or customization needs?
  • A custom-built solution – perhaps your website developers created a custom CAD solution – what looked like a ‘one and done’ solution is now a one-off costly to maintain and update solution, or perhaps the development/management team have departed your company
  • A first generation Software as a Service (SaaS) CAD solution…

Given the pace of change in technology, whichever of these best describes your current situation it’s very likely that your solution is now outdated and deficient compared with modern SaaS solutions.

How Do You Know if Your CAD Solution has Become Outdated?

There are numerous business and technical reasons and deficiencies – a modern SaaS CAD solution addresses all these:

  • Customer use of your solution has plateaued or dropped – despite overall CAD model downloads continuing to increase
  • Competitors are offering a better, more capable or more intuitive user experience – yours doesn’t meet users’ current expectations (likely set by modern B2C apps), let alone their future expectations…
  • Your solution isn’t optimally integrated with one or more of your website, your domain, your SEO, your digital catalog or your configurators – perhaps users get sent to a second site to access the CAD model or your digital catalog is inferior in its local faceted or visual search capabilities?
  • Your CAD model solution doesn’t enable 3D viewing in a browser without any additional software downloads or attachments – so it’s slower, less convenient or even blocked from working by firewalls? Poor imagery generally leads to low eCommerce!
  • Your solution doesn’t syndicate your CAD content to other internet locations?
  • Your solution doesn’t collect leads or doesn’t automatically populate them into your CRM
  • Your solution doesn’t automatically and in real-time generate whatever 3D CAD model format the user wants
  • Your solution doesn’t automatically generate fully dimensioned 2D drawings for those who need 2D drawings (for example: Buyers, Machinists, Maintenance staff, Documentation writers, etc.)
  • Your solution is an ‘on premise’ one and costs much more to operate than a modern SaaS one – perhaps in hardware, software, IT staff costs or all three…
  • Your solution doesn’t have detailed user and CAD model analytics accessible online
  • Development and/or innovation in your solution has stagnated – perhaps it’s not mobile friendly or effective on mobile devices?

What’s the Impact of Updating to a Modern CAD SaaS Solution?

  • Stronger adoption by customers leading to more sales
  • Lower costs to operate, maintain and update the CAD solution
  • Higher customer satisfaction – and more word of mouth referral marketing!
  • Competitive differentiation – you have a narrow window in time to gain at least a temporary advantage (or to lose one!)

Conclusion: Content marketing with CAD models and drawings has changed the workflow of Designers and Buyers and the way industrial component and parts are found, selected, bought and sold. However, the solutions aren’t stagnant. Like eCommerce and content marketing in general, available CAD solutions keep improving along with customer expectations. Keeping up is part of the cost of staying in business!Industrial Supplier CAD model websites examples

Try any of these online 3D CAD catalogs for yourself, watch the video below or give us a call to discuss how effective and inexpensive an updated SaaS CAD Solution could be for you or click on either button below. We look forward to sharing our specialist knowledge in this field.



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