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MMI Podcast Manufacturing Lead Generation with CAD Models

CAD Models for lead generation by Manufacturers - CAD models and drawings as marketing content

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In this podcast Bruce McDuffee of the Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI) interviews Nick Goellner about the Advanced Machine and Engineering Company (AME) success story revamping their website. Key points discussed include:

  • Using downloadable CAD files to achieve an incredible increase in lead generation, “leads increased from about one per week to multiple leads per day
  • Nick describes the nuts and bolts of how the process works from arriving at the site, to getting the 3D CAD model or 2D CAD drawing, to the sales process, to requesting a quote…
  • Bruce and Nick discuss CAD downloads as a form of content marketing and that offering CAD files helps make a website sticky for suppliers of standard parts or a configurable custom parts

(In case you haven’t listened to a podcast before – click on the ‘play’ arrow)

If you’d like to know more about using 3D CAD models and/or 2D CAD drawings in your marketing content and for sales lead generation please call us, click either button below or watch the video below.


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