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CAD Technology Helps Create New Type of Fast Sail Boat

At CDS most of us are engineers, as are many of you, our customers. From time to time to time to time we’re so amazed and delighted by new engineering achievements that we want to share them with you just in case you haven’t already seen them. Enjoy!

The Americas Cup competition often leads in sailing design innovation as well as development and use of new technology – the next one, the 36th, will be no exception! If you enjoyed watching those CAE designed, carbon fiber, wing-powered catamarans flying on foils above the waters of Bermuda and San Francisco Bay then you’re going to love what’s coming next in the Americas Cup!

The Americas Cup holders, Emirates Team New Zealand along with the Challenger of Record, Italy’s Luna Rossa Team are together responsible for defining the rules for the next Americas Cup competition which any country can enter. In November 2017 they released the above video showing simulations of a totally new type of sail boat, a large, tall, probably wing and sail powered, monohull boat without a keel! Rudder and side foils lift the hull out of the water and provide righting moment to prevent capsizing. Clearly a great deal of 3D CAD and CAE simulation and animation has already been done, maybe physical models too? But we don’t know of any being built yet so no you can’t have one for Christmas (this year anyway)!

PS A final sailing thought from Greek philosopher, Bion of Borysthenes: “We should not try to alter circumstances but to adapt ourselves to them as they really are, just as sailors do. They don’t try to change the winds or the sea but ensure that they are always ready to adapt themselves to conditions. In a flat calm they use the oars; with a following breeze they hoist full sail; in a head wind they shorten sail or heave to. Adapt yourself to circumstances in the same way.Greek Philosopher, Bion of Borysthenes

Season’s Greeting and Happy Holidays from all at CDS

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