CDS Partable Aftermarket Parts Search

A Breakthrough in Spare Parts Identification and Selection

Partable makes parts search as easy as search, click and buy

When your customers need replacement parts for your equipment or machinery, whatever the reason, how hard is it for them to find and buy them? If it is difficult for your end customer, then it’s probably difficult for you, too. When replacement parts are too hard to find, select and buy, many companies experience low part sales volume, high order support call volume, high cart abandonment rates, high return rates for the wrong part – just to name a few. This is not only costing your business money, your customers are having a poor experience, reducing the chances they will come back to you when they have need and driving them to alternative suppliers with inferior parts.

If this is your experience, you can dramatically improve your customer’s experience and ease of buying replacement parts from you, propelling your aftermarket parts sales, with CDS Partable™: a high-performance interactive visual search platform. Partable is designed to streamline the spare parts identification and selection process for industrial machinery and mobile equipment. The Partable app simplifies the setup and management of aftermarket part search capabilities, ensuring shoppers enjoy an optimal experience as they quickly find and purchase the spare parts they need.

Partable integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enhancing the spare parts identification process with 2D exploded drawings and interactive 3D model searches. Non-technical users can quickly select and identify the correct replacement part.

Partable delivers an unmatched interactive experience, allowing users to explode, rotate and zoom products in 3D, making parts purchasing as easy as search, click and buy.  Designed for both novice and experienced users, Partable makes it easy to identify sub-components, specific parts, or replacement parts for complex equipment. Your customers will save valuable time and increase efficiency in their search and selection capabilities, resulting in increased sales and more satisfied, loyal customers.

Key Features of Partable Include:
  • 2D & 3D Visual Search: Exploded view product images with hotspots, interactive 3D with part selection, and BOM navigation for 3D models.
  • Specialized Searches: Include Serial Number, Product Version, Order-based search and more.
  • Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud: API-based integration for callback operations and data transfer with customer back-office systems.
  • Approved Salesforce Commerce Cloud application: Available on the CDS Partable page in Salesforce App Exchange
  • SaaS Subscription: Subscription license with 5 administrator licenses and unlimited end users.

Partable also offers features such as visualization and product navigation facilitators, suppression functionality and authoring support for interactive content creation. It’s designed to reduce costs, increase profits and enhance the overall customer experience.

Customers, dealers, distributors and technicians can now more quickly identify broken parts and add them to the shopping cart with just one click. Manufacturing users have experienced lower cart abandonment rates, reduced order support call volume, higher order accuracy, lower return rates, and much higher customer satisfaction, and higher profits with as much as a 10x increase in aftermarket part sales.

Visit the Salesforce App Exchange Partable page , or contact us today for a demo of what Partable can do for your business!

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