SAN JOSE, Calif., March 28, 2023 – CDS Visual releases Version 2.0 of CDS Mentor, a new digital immersive learning platform that utilizes 3D visualization to deliver knowledge and expertise to frontline workers. CDS Mentor is a cloud-based SaaS solution that goes beyond traditional work instructions to enable the transformation of existing CAD assets into immersive learning experiences. It provides critical information to frontline workers where and when they need it in a standardized work format.

Harvinder Narula, Senior Manager – Product Management, explains the rationale behind CDS Mentor: “Companies are facing a workforce skills gap as their most experienced individuals retire. At the same time, workflows are becoming increasingly complex with multiple product variants, making it harder than ever before to maintain quality. In CDS Mentor, we’ve created a solution that allows procedures to be shared across the workforce, providing 3D visualized instructions for training, assembly, and repair.”

Version 2.0 of CDS Mentor includes new functionality to improve the customer experience and authoring of 3D work instructions. In addition, it delivers faster backend CAD file processing via its new and improved algorithms for more fluid rendering.

With a focus on improving safety in the workspace, the new version includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) selection & configuration. This feature is designed to help users meet safety standards and regulations per OSHA requirements. 3D work instruction authoring now enables users to select & configure the PPE required for each procedure.

Since its inception, the real attraction of Mentor has been its ease of use. The self-service solution requires no expertise in coding or development, and can be used on multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, PCs and soon mixed reality headsets. In addition, users can upload their own CAD assets to create immersive 3D instructions with animations and interactive annotations. These can then be shared with the company’s internal workforce and customers for product installation and maintenance.

“The benefits are multiple,” says Harvinder, “including reducing errors, waste and accidents for improved safety, compliance, and efficiency. It reduces training time and tasks have a shorter learning curve, resulting in better first-time fix rates.” CDS Mentor is ideal for digital work instructions across a wide range of processes, including safety, quality, service, maintenance, operations, and training.


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