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CDS Mentor™ is an out-of-the-box solution that makes it easy for manufacturing companies to create and deliver 3D work instructions.


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Immersive 3D work instructions are a better way to train today’s frontline workers

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Reduction in new hire training time


Reduction in rework


Reduction in downtime

How can CDS Mentor
Improve Your Business?

Standardize Work

Create ISO compliant step-by-step 3D work instructions to document procedures for worker training across teams, shifts, and locations.

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Reduce training time

Onboard new workers with immersive 3D learning that adapts to their style of learning. Upskill quickly with 3D work instructions that reduce the errors associated with traditional training and instruction methods.

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Capture Tribal Knowledge

CDS Mentor makes it easy for subject matter experts to document their tribal knowledge and deliver it to frontline workers.

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Increase efficiency

Digitize manufacturing and field service processes to empower frontline workers to deliver improvements in quality, safety, and productivity.

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Quickly and easily create immersive 3D learning content

CDS Mentor provides an easy way to capture best practices from experts to create immersive step-by-step 3D work instructions from your existing CAD data. By offering an intuitive no-code interface, CDS Mentor enables content authors to quickly create rich, interactive 3D content that provides crucial information to frontline workers.

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How to design a successful 3DWork Instruction pilot project
Learn how to efficiently evaluate Mentor 3D Work Instruction in your facilities with your equipment and your people. Capture the metrics that clearly demonstrate how 3D immersive learning transforms your operations and training.

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Where CDS Mentor Adds Value


Immersive 3D learning can help workers learn new skills and gain knowledge quickly. Unlike traditional classroom training that relies on lectures and reading materials.


Provide your operators with the information they need to install new machines, simplicity is key. In-context 3D work instructions are the perfect way to ensure your operators have access to the information they need.over-year.

Field Service

Decrease the mean time to repair and improve first-time fix rates. Further reduce travel time and costs. Improve the quality, transparency, and efficiency of maintenance and repair procedures. 3D work instructions help guide technicians with more efficient maintenance and repair, resulting in minimized machine downtime.


With 3D work instructions, workers can easily follow clear and detailed work instructions that guide them through each step of the assembly process. Helping to ensure that each component is assembled correctly, reducing the risk of errors or failures.


3D learning is an ideal platform for machine training due to its interactive nature and ability to create realistic virtual experiences. With 3D learning, participants can learn to operate and maintain a machine without the need for access to an actual physical machine.


Reduce maitenence costs with standardized 3D maintenance procedures that effectively communicate best practices to workers.

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Why CDS Mentor?

Why Use CDS Mentor

CDS Mentor converts manufacturers’ CAD models into interactive, cloud-based 3D work instructions.

Why Now

Capture and share knowledge from valued subject matter experts with internal or external users.

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