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LMS Integration

LMS Integration

Embed into LMS

Embed into LMS

Create/Select an Assignment

Head to your e-learning and LMS software to embed Mentor instructions. Begin by creating an assignment or selecting an assignment to embed the instruction.

Select Embed

Open the Insert menu and click on Embed. There will be a pop up to enter your embed code, head back to Mentor.

Visual Studio Code REST Client

Open the specific Mentor instruction you want to add and click on Share. View the option titles “Embed in your LMS”. Click on this option and you will be presented with the code to copy and paste into your LMS. Click on Copy and paste in the LMS.

CAD Based

CAD Based

Unlock your CAD Files

Unlock your CAD Files

CAD formats

Mentor supports all major 3D CAD model formats including STEP.

CAD Mesh

Imported CAD models are optimized to a fraction of their original size. This allows Mentor lessons to be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Materials and Colors

CAD model colors and materials are automatically imported into Mentor. Mentor includes a material library for convenient assignment to 3D parts.

Mentor Studio

Mentor Studio

Mentor Studio provides an easy way to create detailed 3D work instructions from your existing CAD data. By offering an intuitive no-code interface, Mentor Studio can help users to quickly create rich, interactive 3D content that provides crucial information to front-line workers. Whether you’re looking to create training materials to improve worker productivity, quality, and safety or simply provide a better customer experience, 3D works instructions can be a valuable tool.



Use your existing instructions and CAD models as the foundation to create each 3D work instruction



UseMentor Studio allows users create step-by-step interactive work instructions for
front-line workers



Mentor Studio includes a secure sandbox for testing each instruction.


Go Live

Publish 3D work instructions to the Mentor cloud for delivery to desktop and mobile devices



User feedback is monitored and reported to provide valuable insight for improving instructions

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