Hook customers with product experiences
that don’t let go

If you want to sell more of the things you make, forget boring product images. Give your potential buyers an interactive adventure they didn’t see coming. Rich and engaging experiences with your products will get their attention and ultimately close more sales. To get a quick taste of our technology, free play with the demonstrations below, then schedule a personalized demo to learn more.

eCommerce with configuration

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eCommerce with configuration

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Enhanced 3D with animation

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Use your existing CAD files to create dynamic 3D images


Photorealistic 3D image rendering

Your web or eCommerce site will come alive with photorealistic 3D and 360-spin images of your products. Your customers will get the ultimate interactive experience—all from their computer or mobile device—all resulting in fuller shopping carts.

Real-time product configuration

Your customers want the power to customize and configure products to their exact specifications. By giving them on-the-fly, real-time experiences, they’ll be confident you can meet their needs. And you’ll be rewarded with more sales and fewer returns.

Interactive demos

Give your sales reps a taste of augmented reality and they’ll wonder how they ever managed without it. AR brings your products to life by giving customers the ability to spin, zoom, and examine them virtually, in their actual environment.

Use independently or integrate with website and eCommerce platforms

Start your business transformation today

Start your business transformation today

Effective 3D visualization services from CDS Visual are affordable and easy to implement.

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