Most manufacturers offer thousands of options in products and specifications for their customers. But, the main challenge is, how does one showcase all those options on their B2B eCommerce website without the audience losing interest and moving on to another manufacturer?

To meet this challenge, a growing number of manufacturers have begun using 3D configurators and visual configuration software.  B2B buyers typically spend about two-thirds of their buying journey looking up product information before they move forward with their decision to buy, according to a Gartner Report. The keyword here is “information.”

3D configurators provide manufacturers with the unique opportunity to offer key product information on machinery or components to customers right on the product page rather than requiring customers to call looking for additional product specifications, sizes, or configurations. When eCommerce sites utilize 3D configurators, customers can instead customize the product themselves to get a complete, in-depth view of their required specifications before making a purchase.

Visual configuration software, on the other hand, also known as “visual product configurators,” allows customers to view realistic visualizations of custom-configured products, offering pricing quotes immediately upon product configuration and selection.

Real-Time Visual Configuration

The arrival of cloud platforms and faster processing power has resulted in more streamlined visual configurations that can be done in real-time. This means that customers no longer have to contact sales teams or need to physically travel to the manufacturer’s showroom to confirm their orders.

Eliminate Miscommunication

According to Statista, 64% of product returns occur mainly because the product that arrived looked different from the image that the customer saw online. With the help of a visual product configurator, manufacturers and retailers can offer customers a showroom-like, realistic buying experience, with the option to configure the product to their exact needs. According to another report by Gartner, the market for visual product configurator applications and related services was $142 million in 2019 and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Visual Configuration software helps to streamline quoting for even the most complex, customizable products, lowering the risk of purchase mistakes due to a lack of product information, causing a decrease in return rates while leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Ending Note

3D Visual configuration allows sales representatives and customers to get an in-depth and detailed product view in 2D, 3D, or even augmented reality. Visual configurators also allow customers to select configurations, swap components and features of the product before making a purchase. To find out more about our 3D configuration and visualization solutions, visit us at CDS Visual.

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About the Author: Aaron Smith

A dynamic leader whose career in software and high-tech spans three decades, Aaron Smith is responsible for the marketing and solution execution of the CDS Visual strategic vision.With a wealth of cross-functional experience and deep operational expertise across both small and large companies, Aaron specializes in helping Industrial Manufacturers leverage the power of visualization to drive sustained growth and high-impact results. Prior to joining CDS Visual, Aaron was a solution engineer at Vistagy, where he led customer-facing sales activities and customer support. He has also served as a product manager at PTC for the Windchill PLM product, as a support engineer at InPart, which was acquired by PTC, and as a Mechanical Engineer at Applied Materials in the Ion Implant division.

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