If you’re involved in eCommerce, you’ve probably already heard all about 360 spin images. Manufacturers and retailers all over the world are implementing 360 spin images, across a multitude of industries. From industrial parts to couches to coffee machines, the power of 360 spin images is clear. They make shopping for products in virtual space much easier for the buyer – and they can even make engineering and creating products faster and more cost effective. In this article, we provide an overview of 360 spin images, their benefits and how to get started using them.

A New Dimension in Product Imagery

360 spin images are 3D renderings of your products. They show the product from multiple sides and angles, allowing the user to turn, spin, flip and zoom in on your products. Because they almost replicate the feeling of holding a product in your hand, 360 spin images help boost buyer confidence and have been shown to grow sales, increase conversion and strengthen brand loyalty.

With more and more of a focus being placed on the virtual world, from shopping online to working remotely, 360 spin images help manufacturers replicate the in-person shopping experience. Buyers can gain more certainty that the product they are purchasing is correct – helping reduce misconfigured orders and returns. This is especially important for industrial manufacturers, where the SKU count can sometimes include thousands of highly specialized parts.

More Powerful. Less Expensive.

Early adaptors of 360 spin images paid a premium for the technology – but quickly saw a return on their investment through increased sales. Now, however, 360 spin images can be cheaper than traditional photography, especially during the time of COVID, where it’s incredibly difficult to conduct in-person photoshoots.

At CDS Visual, we have the capability to create 360 spin images from CAD or engineering files – meaning you can use assets you already have to create photorealistic, 3D images that are easy to syndicate across virtually all eCommerce platforms. Textures, colors and lighting effects can be added, so that it’s relatively easy to create lifelike images from nothing more than a digital schematic. With 360 spin images created from engineering files, you can even begin marketing your product before it’s gone into production. And versioning your product images is simple, since colors and textures can easily be changes.

The benefits of 360 spin images also include enhanced searchability – since search engines are better able to pick up new product attributes and aspects. It’s even possible to add BOM and serial number search to your 360 spin images.

How To Create 3D Images

At CDS Visual, we make the process of creating 360 spin and 3D models simple. We can help you save money by making use of files that your engineers are already creating, like STEP, Solidworks and CAD formats. Our innovative technology can output files into 3D viewer HTML files, JPEGs and PNGs, video files and beyond. Ready to learn more about how simple it is to get started with 360 spin images? Request a free consultation from CDS Visual anytime.

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