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For industrial companies with highly configurable products, a 3D product configurator could be the perfect fit. The benefits of a 3D product configurator can be transformative: helping you reduce quote generation from weeks to minutes while serving customers anytime, anywhere.

Even better, a 3D product configurator helps you reduce internal engineering costs. Your product designers can work more efficiently – and since you can render 3D models from common engineering files, like CAD files, you can even begin marketing and selling the product before it’s produced. Plus, you free up valuable staff time in your engineering department since your sales and marketing teams (and your customers) can actually configure products and prototypes by themselves.

3D product configurators help both your top and bottom lines. 3D product configurators have actually been shown to increase the size of orders – and your manufacturing process benefits from ultra-accurate ordering information, so there are fewer mis-orders and wasted material.

For your sales teams, a 3D product configurator is like a dream come true. What used to take days or even weeks now takes seconds – they can text or email a link to a customer that allows them to configure a product exactly the way they want it. This helps increase customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction, since people feel better about a product when they can try before they buy. In today’s modern world customers are also coming to expect this type of convenience, so serving your customers with a 3D product configurator is moving from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

For industrial companies, there are 6 questions you should ask if you’re considering a 3D product configurator:

  • Do I sell high-consideration, high complexity products?
  • Is my tech team a barrier to communication?
  • Are key stakeholders lacking timely information to accelerate the sales process?
  • Do you want to generate faster quotes and eliminate customer misconfigurations?
  • Would reducing returns and credits help my business?

For manufacturers, a 3D product configurator can really be a game changer. Typically, a 3D product configurator is easy to syndicate across channels, from platforms like Shopify to Salesforce and beyond. You can use 3D product configurators to render product images, which can be used in marketing material, sales presentations and more. And product configurators can be used to generate some of the most qualified leads your sales team will ever see.

3D product configurators are intuitive and easy-to-use. They don’t require any special training and can even be used on phones and tablets. With augmented reality becoming more common every year, 3D product configurators will soon be capable of actually allowing customers to experience configured inside their own physical spaces. Are you ready to get started? Download our helpful The Power of Product Configurators infographic below and request a free demo today!

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