Gone are the days of pushy sales tactics that were once used by businesses and companies as a tool to generate sales and boost business growth.

Consumer needs and preferences have greatly evolved over the years, and technology seems to be advancing at the same pace to meet their desires and requirements in the best possible manner.

A popular emerging trend within sales and marketing strategies, known as ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR), is completely changing how people do business. It has brought interactive digital experiences to reality, giving customers an augmented view of the real-world environment.

Quickly finding its way into the industrial world, AR is starting to be used as a field sales tool for industrial products. It has also become a much more practical solution for industrial adoption in recent times.

Even technology giants like Microsoft and Google have been focusing on the industrial applications of Augmented Reality Development. The fact that it doesn’t require any hardware equipment, AR applications have been made possible in the industrial world thanks to advancements and innovations in mobile phone technology.

Industrial Machines 

Technical products are exactly what they imply – technical.

Take cars, for instance.

They come with thousands of components that need to be assembled while keeping track of so many documents, spreadsheets, and going back and forth between field operations. However, the scope of industrial applications has changed, and Augmented Reality Apps are now being used to create a unified field for clear input where assembly instructions can be accessed through the use of voice controls.

Airbus, for instance, has developed an Augmented Reality App called MiRA, which is basically used for aircraft production along with 3D models.

Proficient Equipment Maintenance 

Another way that Augmented Reality can be used for industrial products is for effective equipment maintenance. Augmented Reality is a key player that can help improve productivity and reduce work-related stress.

Mitsubishi, for instance, developed an Augmented Reality 3D model to ensure efficiency and productivity. The model helps maintenance technicians work faster and more efficiently with the help of AR smart glasses, where they can use voice entry in order to input the results. 

Optimized Field Service Processes 

Augmented Reality is a very useful tool for field service employees, especially in terms of optimizing field service processes.

For instance, if a technical problem arises in a machine, a layman is likely to spend many hours or even days to solve the issue and understand the components of the machine. Imagine how time-consuming and challenging the whole process will be.

However, if augmented reality is leveraged in the same situation, the technical errors can be solved more efficiently, with greater ease and convenience. AR allows technicians to understand the machine and its components in a virtual environment, using mobile or tablet devices to showcase the inner workings, assembly/disassembly or functionality. All through Augmented Reality, speeding up the process and ensuring greater efficiency as a result.

Final Word 

The popularity of Augmented Reality in various industrial sectors is boasting an incredible growth of almost 20% CAGR due to the rapid adoption in the machinery, manufacturing, and automotive industry in the last few years. Businesses can continue to expect stronger growth through the use of Augmented Reality as development intensifies, bringing about a great evolution not just for large-scale industries, but also for small and medium-sized businesses.

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