The B2B industry continues to undergo changes in order to remain in-line with the ever-changing customer expectations, technological advancements as well as to keep up with the competition around them.

Among numerous other factors, spare parts management plays a very integral role in manufacturing businesses whereby a company can increase its profits, reliability, and encourage customers to select and purchase aftermarket replacement parts.

In order to do so, businesses need an interactive spare parts online catalog through which they can enable their customers to invest in their aftermarket parts.

It is important to understand that this is the age of digitalization where businesses need to digitalize manual processes to be able to function effectively and efficiently.

Similarly, there are many benefits of digitalizing your business’s legacy spare parts catalog.  According to Industry Week, spare parts sales make up about 40% – 60% of a manufacturer’s total revenue.

Your online catalog however, needs to be interactive and engaging so that customers are not only interested in selecting and purchasing aftermarket parts, but confident in doing so.

Faster Flow of Information

One of the many benefits of having a spare parts online catalog is that it promotes a faster flow of information from the business to its customers.  With access to instant information customers make quicker decisions, reduces their order time, and keeps them updated on inventory status, all in real-time.

Inventory Management

It is well known that manual inventory records are naturally prone to error and delay, however with the help of an online catalog, inventory management can be exponentially more efficient and error-free, all while updating in real-time.

Managing your businesses inventory is important to foster uninterrupted sales of spare parts. An online catalog helps to automate inventory management, which not only make things easier for you as a business, but also for your customers as the online catalog remains updated at all times.

Increased Sales of Aftermarket Spare parts

An online catalog that is not only detailed, but also interactive helps boost the aftermarket sales of spare parts by providing customers with a proper storefront as well as offering a level of product selection accuracy, reducing ordering errors and returns.

Customers can then place an order just by a click on the mouse, by simply selecting the spare parts they need, proceed to check-out, and be done with it!


An online catalog is an excellent cost-saving tool compared to the previously used manual catalog, where reprints and redistributions are required to remain up to date with inventory levels. Calling a busines to manually confirm part inventory is also extremely time-consuming and can lead to inaccuracies and mistakes.

A spare parts online catalog also attracts new customers because they no longer have to wait to receive updates on a business’s available inventory. They can simply view it online and make their necessary purchases.

Final Word

Having a spare parts online catalog is a great way to empower your customers to make decisions in real-time with the help of correct and updated information that they can access whenever and whenever they want.

An interactive spare parts online catalog streamlines your inventory management process, offering greater accuracy to your customers, while increasing your business’s aftermarket sales.

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