Today, more and more retailers are using 3D product configurators to create high-quality images of their products. This is because configurators offer a level of detail and realism that traditional stock photography or illustrations simply can’t match. What’s more, configurators allow customers to get a realistic idea of what a product will look like in their own home or office. This is incredibly important, as it helps to create a sense of trust between the customer and the retailer.

Benefits of 3D Product Configuration

If you want to add a little extra oomph to your website, 3D product configuration may be the way to go. This visual technology enables customers to play around with colors, materials, size and other variables in high-quality 3D, creating an experience that is closer to touch-and-feel buying than traditional online shopping. Best of all, 3D product configuration tools can scale along as you grow your website and include more products in your lineup. So if you’re looking for a way to give your customers a richer online buying experience, consider adding 3D product configuration to your site.

Results in Higher Profits

Product bundling is a great way to increase your average order size and generate higher profits. By combining multiple SKUs into a single configuration, you can offer your customers more value and convenience. And with ERP integration, you can plug the 3D configurator directly into your existing ERP system for even greater efficiency and accuracy.

A customized bill of materials, or BOM, can be a powerful tool for businesses. By allowing customers to see the individual elements and materials that make up a product, businesses can build trust and increase sales.

In addition, by viewing products in high-quality 3D, customers can have a better understanding of what they are buying. This can lead to fewer returns and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Overall, using a 3D configurator with a customized BOM can help businesses generate higher profits. By providing customers with more transparency and information, businesses can build trust, increase sales, and reduce product returns.

Enhances customer service

A 3D product configurator is the key to providing an improved customer experience for your webstore. By allowing customers to view and interact with your products in a realistic 3D environment, you can increase satisfaction levels and sales significantly.

Configurators are already being used extensively in a number of industries, including clothing, jewelry, building materials, case goods and manufacturing, medical devices, and more. And the trend is only growing.

Streamlines sales process

If you’re looking to shorten your sales cycle, a 3D configuration tool can be a big help. With the right tool, you can configure prices flexibly and eliminate errors, which can dramatically shorten the sales cycle from 4 to 6 weeks. In addition, using a 3D configuration tool can reduce online return rates by 80%. So if you’re looking to streamline your sales process, consider investing in a 3D configuration tool.

Increases customer trust

Personalized products are a key factor in customer loyalty. Consumers are always searching for products that are unique and innovative and greatly reflect their personal style. No matter the industry, customized products ensure long-lasting customer relationships.

Personalized products also give your customers a sense of ownership. They feel like the product was made just for them, which builds a strong emotional connection. This, in turn, leads to increased loyalty and customer retention.

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