Today’s customers are no longer happy with the one-size-fits-all model. Instead, they are expecting bigger and better customizations and options for products and services. According to a YouGov survey, at least 25% of customers say that they’ve purchased personalized products for themselves or for someone else. In addition, about 30% of customers also expressed interest in buying personalized products in the future.

In light of this, companies are now looking for ways to create mass customization for their customers in a way that is affordable, practical, and convenient… which is where 3D configurators come in.

What is a 3D Configurator?

Just a few decades ago, if you wanted to view a product in great detail, customers had no choice but to visit a brick-and-mortar store.

Thanks to 3D configurators, customers now have the ability to visualize true-to-life products that offer them unique, customizable possibilities rather than off-the-shelf designs.

3D configurators are digital interactive tools that present live three-dimensional models of products that can be personalized exactly the way customers want, leading to a more immersive shopping experience.

With 3D configurators, customers have the convenience of viewing products from all angles and customizing their attributes, including color, size, texture, and other configurations in real-time. This way, manufacturers avoid taking unlimited numbers of photographs for each product version and combination, which leads to cost and time savings. For customers this offers more engaging product experiences that can increase sales.

How 3D Configuration Can Make Mass Customization Easy

Here are some of the reasons how 3D configuration is making mass customization easy for manufacturers while creating a more engaging experience for customers:

Understanding Customer Demands

With 3D configurations, manufacturers can display their product even before it has been launched. This not only helps them to gain an understanding of their customer’s needs and demands, but also allows for product tweaks and changes accordingly.

Allowing Customers to Personalize Products

With 3D configurations, customers now have the freedom to personalize products by directly engaging with the design and style of the product. This way, they will be able to get exactly what they need with little room for error and misunderstandings.

Offers a Fun and Interactive Experience

Static pictures can be quite boring. Thanks to 3D configuration services, customers can spend hours on a manufacturers’ websites looking at different variations of the product and creating endless versions before placing their order. 3D configurators allow brands to offer multiple variations of the same product with the help of preset formulas and rules. This increases customer interaction and creates a fun buying experience.

Gives the Opportunity to Send Special Requests

With mass customization offered by 3D configurators, customers can play an active part creating their own customized products rather than contend with the generic mass-produced, one-size fits all stereotype.

Avoids Misunderstandings

A static photo does not show a complete 360-degree view of the product that the customer is interested in buying. This often leads to mistaken purchases and buying dissonance, increasing in the returned product rate. Thanks to 3d configurators, customers can view a 3D image of the product from any angle, which leads to less buying mistakes and results in better customer relationships.

Bottom Line

According to Forbes, companies that use 3D configurations achieve 40% higher conversion rates and a 30% increase in sales. This means a massive improvement in the bottom line for the e-commerce companies that sell their products online.

The seamless and immersive experience that 3D configurators offer can lead to better brand awareness, increased sales orders, and greater brand loyalty.

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