How Product Images Improve E-commerce Conversions

If you ask us what that one thing is that keeps any business going, we won’t even take a second to answer – it’s the customers! The customers are the backbone of any business, and no matter how amazing your products are, if you can’t get people to buy them, your business can’t succeed.

We’re living in the age of digitalization, and like everything else (communication, entertainment, etc.), most people prefer shopping online. With the trend of e-commerce on the rise, a business needs to attract visitors to their website by offering engaging products or services to convert visitors into customers and increase sales.  About 90% of online buyers say that the quality of pictures is one of the most important factors in creating an online sale.

Even with detailed descriptions of your products highlighting their top features, a customer won’t complete the purchase if they can’t see what they’re purchasing. Approximately 63% of consumers say that good product images are more important than textual product descriptions.  It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an e-commerce website without product images is a no-go for buyers. Good quality product images can improve e-commerce conversions significantly. Let’s see how that happens!

Grabs the Customer’s Attention

The right product images can quickly grab a customer’s attention. It’s difficult to deny the fact that visuals play an important role in converting potential customers into actual buyers, as people remember what they see more than what they read or hear. An image engages the viewer and encourages them to actually want to look deeper into the product. Statistics indicate that colored visuals increase the willingness of individuals to read content by an incredible 80%.  If a business manages to grab a customer’s attention, they’re only a step away from creating a sale! 

Product Image Requirements

Product Images require standard tiff, jpeg, gif or png files with pixel dimensions of at least 1000 or larger.  To help portray the products accurately, professional product images should be well lit with realistic colors. Products should make up at least 85% or more of the image frame, giving the customer the most accurate detailed look and feel from any and all angles. For best results, product image backgrounds should be white to help showcase features, texture and colors. Additionally, adding objects into the images may help showcase the scale and size of the product to give the customer a better idea of what they are considering purchasing.

Right Product Images Appeal User Emotions

A customer doesn’t just randomly browse the websites that they plan to buy from. Instead, they’re looking for an enhanced experience that stirs up their emotions and helps them connect with the product. For example, if a customer plans to buy a dress, they won’t just see how the dress looks; rather, they’ll want to picture themselves in that dress. Visualizing what this might look like is only possible when you include high-quality product images on your e-commerce website. The right product images appeal more to users a lot more than just plain text and helps users form a connection that will eventually make them want to buy your product. Overall causing an increasing e-commerce conversions by approximately 60%.

Higher Trust Level

One of the many reasons why people return to the same brand time and time again is that they trust that brand. They rely on the brand’s quality. They know that the brand will deliver a high-quality product every single time. However, convincing a new customer to buy from you can be pretty challenging. New customers don’t know much about your products or what they should expect. This is where high quality photorealistic product images come into play.

Websites showcasing numerous photorealistic product images taken professionally from various angles will automatically build trust and credibility. Additionally, offering Virtual Product Demos on your website gives customers the confidence to know what exactly they are getting themselves into. With higher trust comes greater chances of conversions and sales.

Closing Word

Leveraging photorealistic imagery across your e-commerce website can do wonders for your business. Without product images, an e-commerce website is like a science book without diagrams – vague and hard to comprehend. If you have an e-commerce website that you’re struggling to keep up, include great photorealistic images today and watch those sales start to roll in!


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