If your business is conducting eCommerce of any kind, you already know that increasing conversions is one of your primary objectives. While we all wish that most of our visitors would convert it into customers, the reality is that most won’t – in fact even the best eCommerce sites only convert a fraction of their shoppers. In 2021, research showed that average conversion rates were at 2.42 percent – with certain consumer segments rising as high as 5.08 percent.

The good news is that there are ways to quickly, and even easily, improve your conversion in eCommerce. In this post, well outline 5 tips that can help you turn your eCommerce program into a lean, mean converting machine…

Tip 1:    Add Product Images

Did you know that 90% of online buyers say that the quality of pictures is one of the most important factors in creating an online sale? When customers can’t physically touch or see your products, product images are the surest way to grab their attention, engage them – and ultimately convert them. High-end product images help boost buyer confidence and reduce returns due to mistaken orders.

Tip 2:    Beef Up Your Content

This paper from eBay Research lab shows that having more product images clearly leads to higher conversion rates: with rates even doubling in some cases. The more pictures you have, the better – and many eCommerce sites are requiring a minimum of visual assets to even list your products.

Tip 3:    Use 360 Spin

With 360 spin images, you can show your products from all sides – allowing buyers to interact with your product as if they were actually holding it in their hands. 360 spin images can be built from CAD files, so they can actually be cheaper to produce than traditional photography. And 360 spin images have been shown to immediately boost conversion rates.

Tip 4:  Personalize the Shopping Experience

One of the key areas that many eCommerce marketers are focusing on right now is around dynamic content. By serving up offers, experiences, products and information that’s tailored to your visitor’s needs, you can make your eCommerce experience far more impactful – and more likely to convert.

Tip 5:    Configuration Boosts Conversions

Allowing your customers to visually configure your products is an excellent way to attract new customers – and convert them. With tools like a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) visual configurator, you can enable users to experience real-time 3D product visualizations, so they can self-create exactly the product that they need, while visually seeing that it matches their specs. Visual configurators boost conversions and help increase internal efficiencies, since it can deliver faster quotes while reducing internal engineering costs.

Tip 6:    Offer Free Extras

With visual configurators, you can easily make it possible for your customers to download CAD drawings of your products, even configured products, engineering files, renderings and beyond. This makes it’s easier for prospective customers to work your products and parts into their designs – and helps boost brand loyalty.

Tip 7:    Make Products More Searchable

Your customers can’t convert if they can’t find your products – and that’s why ensuring your products can be searched by every possible is so important. CDS Visual, in partnership with Intershop, offers a turnkey, SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates into the leading eCommerce, CX Portal and other platforms to implement new facets of search, including serial number and BOM.

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