Did you know that it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to turn your CAD models into product imagery? For businesses that are involved in selling their products via eCommerce platforms or digital catalogs, the benefits of high-end, realistic product imagery can be incredible. Not only do they help you convert more customers by turning browsers into buyers, they can be more cost-effective than actual photography. They are also easier to manage and help you elevate your eCommerce shopping experience, since they can be enhanced with hot spots, animations and more.

At CDS Visual, we have made it simple to turn CAD model into product imagery – including 360 spin images. The process is as simple as sending us your CAD files. With our 3D product configurators, we can quickly and inexpensively render spectacular product images, in either 2D or 3D. Those digital images can also be enhanced with 360 spin capability, allowing users to view your products from all angle and to interact with the images as if they were holding the actual product in their hand.

The benefits of using CAD files to create images for your products are impressive. They include:

  • The possibility of increasing online conversions by as much as 47%. With better images that render your products in much higher detail and from multiple angles, you can see an almost immediate lift in your eCommerce results.
  • Eliminating expense, time and countless hours of effort by removing photography costs. Especially for industrial manufacturers, where product catalogs can run into the thousands of SKUs, photography can be a major expense. Digital imagery is actually more cost-effective – especially when you are creating images from CAD files, which are existing assets.
  • Easy integration into almost all existing commerce platforms. High-end, realistic digital product images and 360 spin images are simple to syndicate across platforms like Intershop and Shopify, and they are immediately ready to upload into your DAM or PIM systems.
  • Endless versions of your products can be created from a single CAD file. Since your product imagery is digital, it’s quick and easy to change its colors, its textures, lighting or background effects and so much more. The possibilities are almost endless and CDS Visual will soon offer a self-service platform that will enable you to perform that versioning on your own.

When you use CAD models to create product imagery, you will receive either a JPG or PNG file for 2D images, or a link to a 3D experience that you can easily integrate into your website or across the eCommerce platforms that you are working with. The process is seamless and can be completed in as little as 3 days.

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