Even though you have an impeccably made product, have you been experiencing a reduction in web traffic and loss in sales?

What could be the matter?

There is a myriad of reasons why your prospects are favoring your competitors — including outdated product visualization and customer experience.

As an e-commerce store’s owner, you need to provide your customer with a truly immersive experience by allowing them to interact with your product. Although online shopping offers various advantages to customers, many such e-commerce stores are still lacking a very important element: an immersive 3D viewing experience.

By leveraging 3D technology, you have a chance of giving your customers a much better shopping experience.

3D Product Visualization

For e-commerce businesses, 3D product visualization provides high quality images at exponentially lower cost compared to traditional product photography. Unlike actual product photographs, 3D photorealistic renderings allow customers to view products from every angle and see the many different customizable options that are available in real time.

A truly innovative product demands 3D visualization that would allow customers to intimately see all the benefits it provides.

Interactive 3D Catalogs

According to Invesp, at least 30% of all products bought online are returned as compared to less than 9% in physical stores. Marketers believe this is due to the lack of good product representation on the website which results in a communication gap between the customer and the brand.

The customer receives the product, realizes that it did not have the qualities that they thought it had and returns the package back. For companies, a return can cost 30% of the purchase price — not to mention the refund they must provide to the customer. It also means they have potentially lost the customer for good.

Making a buying decision based on a stationary 2D picture shown on a website can be very tricky. However, 3D product visualization can help make this choice easier. To start, e-commerce companies can provide customers with much more detailed info by using photorealistic renderings that show the product with various customizations as well as provides customers with full 360-degree view as well.

This helps the customer create a complete picture of the product with little room for error.

Just take a look at Gap’s product visualization tactics:

The apparel brand has an app that allows its customer to try on clothes virtually. This program allows customers to personalize their avatar based on their body type and lets them see how a particular outfit will look on them from all angles. This allows customers to make a more informed decision.

Another great example of 3D augmented reality rendering was the one created by Airwalk. The brand famously leveraged AR and geolocation technologies to create the world’s very first invisible pop-up store. Customers of Airwalk could see a huge, fully-blown image of their sneakers at specific sites in California and New York through their smartphones.

This incredibly fun and highly interactive marketing tactic earned their online store the most profit during the weekend.

Effective Inventory Management

When you are launching new products online, it can be very hard to predict how popular the product would be. If you want to avoid warehouses packed with items that nobody wants to buy, you could benefit from 3Dproduct visualization.

This gives you the option of pre-marketing your product online even when it has not been launched. Customers can find out what color, shapes, and sizes the product has and what versions it offers. Depending on the favorable responses and pre-orders, e-commerce stores can then decide how many units to produce.

This not only helps you save warehouse space, inventory and manufacturing costs, but it also allows you to build a closer relationship with your customers

The Wrap Up

With the help of 3D product visualization, you can take your online business to the next level, giving your brand a competitive advantage. Implementing tools and strategies with 3D renderings can help you enhance your brand image and generate a bigger profit. Moreover, depending on how creative you are, you may be the first one in the industry to leverage this emerging technology.

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