In an era of the empowered customer, there’s no alternative to a quality experience. Like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, the digital pure-plays of today are constantly seeking ways to up the ante to gain that all-important edge over their competition.

Since the purchase journey begins online for an estimated 1.92 billion buyers, it pays for those operating in the e-commerce space to provide a quality experience to their audience. In our high-impulse society, crisp and clear photorealistic images are a trigger that can convert the passive (digital) window shopper into an active participant.

In short, product pages, whether they’re of Amazon, a giant in the e-commerce space, or its many smaller counterparts, needs to be fluent in product details, which includes more than just traditional mobile-hero product shots.

This is where the use of photorealistic 3D images comes into play. 3D visualizations of a product, when done the right way, provide the transparency and consistency that is needed to break down the purchase barrier, increasing customer trust as well as building loyalty.

Photography vs. 3D Visualization: Time and Cost Expense

Since more and more consumers are spending time on highly visual platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, ecommerce stores have no choice but to keep up by creating high-quality, visually appealing web assets. The good news is, the high ROI of utilizing 3D visualization makes it the preferred choice for many ecommerce stores to help increase B2B or B2C sales.

When done correctly, photorealistic 3D visualizations provide the customer with that in-store experience they demand while at the same time offering them the convenience of being able to shop online from anywhere, anytime.

Nowadays, virtual photography software can generate 3D visualizations 20x faster than traditional photography, which makes them a more viable choice. Also, these virtual images are generated with the use of speciality software, which allows B2B and B2C sellers to save on the costs of traditional product photography. In short, gone are the days where sellers had to pay top-dollar for professional photographers to select, properly light, and shoot/reshoot images from multiple angles, for their product pages. At just a fraction of the cost for traditional product photography, photorealistic 3D visualization offers higher ROI and lower overhead cost.

How Much Information Can Be Conveyed?

Sure, you can still use traditional photography to meet the demand for that “right photograph expectation” of the consumer, but it still doesn’t come close to the value that photorealistic 3D visuals offer when it comes to showing off the workmanship and minute details of a product.

Thanks to 3D visualizations, customers can inspect a product in all its 360-degree glory, while having the ability to zoom in on certain aspects of the product or part, which is priceless in the B2B and B2C space. Along with better quality images, photorealistic 3D visualizations on a product page can also improve your SEO by boosting the dwell time and relevance of your product page and ecommerce website.

Do Grainger And Amazon Accept 3D Images For Product Images?

When it comes to enhancing the content on a product page, the popularity of photorealistic 3D visualization is growing by leaps and bounds. For instance, online retailers such as Grainger have already teamed up with companies offering photorealistic 3D visualizations showcasing high-quality 360-degree product photography to their suppliers. Companies offering 3D visualizations are also working with ecommerce sellers to create appealing and incredibly detailed product photography for Amazon consumers as well.

Ending Note

In the end, B2C marketing mainly focuses on emotion-driven purchasing decisions, while B2B marketing remains more focused on logical process-driven purchasing decisions. In both instances, using photorealistic 3D visualizations, such as those created by CDS Visual, is a powerful way to attract and engage their customers while building brand loyalty.

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