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An estimated 67% of customers say that product images are more important for them than product descriptions when they are buying a product, according to a survey by Lumina Datamatics. This stat is just one out of dozens that point to the power of product images in an e-commerce platform.

This is the reason why more and more brands are now opting for photorealistic images in their product portfolios. Let’s find out how much influence a beautiful and powerful image has on your target customer’s experience and buying decision as well as the benefits it garners for your brand.

Unmatchable Image Quality

For many brands, the visual quality of a product is a direct reflection of the company’s image. Just think, if you were to go to an e-commerce store that displays poor-quality, sloppy images, would you have confidence in your purchase with this site? Probably not.

High-quality visual images are also important because customers cannot physically touch, feel or hold your products. Hence brands, particularly those that offer complex or luxury products, have to offer the next best thing, a photorealistic image that can help them clearly see minute details of the products.

These photo realistic images can do wonders in assuring customers that the products they see on the screen are as high quality and accurate as they appear.

Displays Complete Product Portfolio

Many companies offer customizable products with several variations to choose from.  This means it is nearly impossible to photograph each and every variant from multiple angles and upload it on an e-commerce platform for every piece of inventory available. It would not only cost far too much and also be logistically impossible, even if the product itself is something very simple, like a skirt.

Just consider the example of an apparel company that sells ten different styles of dresses, all with custom laces and buttons. This means dealing with countless different types of fabrics, materials, and textures all requiring photographs of each different combination.

However, with a photorealistic image, you only need to create a single model for each dress component, scan the different materials and finish it just once to convert them into customizable HD images.

Product Research and Market Testing

A photorealistic image also allows companies to visualize their products even before they have been manufactured. This means that you can market them to customers and gauge buyer interest before selling on your e-commerce site.  Depending on what kind of response you receive, you can make the decision to go ahead with your product or adjust it before the manufacturing process begins.

If you receive mostly negative feedback, you can save yourself the money, time, and effort of making that specific product or variation. Photorealistic images allows you to gain insight into customers needs ahead of time and give your brand an edge in the market.

Improves Customer Experience

An e-commerce business’ ultimate goal is to increase its revenue. This means that their website should be capable of driving more traffic with a higher chance of converting. This is where photo realistic imagery comes in. 3D product renderings position brands to look more professional and can increase buyer’s confidence, increasing the chance of conversion.

When a product image is high-quality and rich in details, it can influence shoppers to not just buy the product, but also reduce the rate of returns. Hence, photo realistic products images are a necessary marketing tool for brands if they want to create loyal customers out of their shoppers and increase their bottom line.

Enhances Mobile Experience

Photo realistic imagery may sound like something expensive but the truth is that it is much more economical and scalable. Moreover, 3D renderings can also be quickly added to any e-commerce store to display your entire product portfolio.

Additionally, photo realistic images offers smooth and seamless integration with your mobile browser as well, meaning shoppers will only see responsive images, no matter what device they are using. These high-quality images are also shareable, allowing satisfied customers to easily share their product experience, increasing your brands reach.

One thing to keep in mind is that mobile users typically spend less time reading and more time looking at product graphics and visuals.  Stunning, realistic-looking photography can help brands grab the attention of mobile users and convert them to buying customers.

Bottom Line

If you own or manage an e-commerce store, you know that the competition can be fierce.  Research suggests that brands can find a competitive edge by offering customers a high-quality visual shopping experience.

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