Online shopping has been increasing steadily for years now but exploded in 2020. Brick and mortar stores have faced a lot of challenges during the pandemic. Customers do not just visit physical stores for discounts and good deals anymore; instead, they want a positive experience more than anything else. Augmented Reality is helping us reimagine what shopping can look like in a way that improves customer satisfaction and increases engagement, especially during these uncertain times.

Increases Engagement

Brands have been trying to incorporate experiential marketing for years, but most of it is quite costly and difficult. With Augmented Reality, ecommerce brands have been able to create rich experiences for their customers like never before. AR allows brands to increase engagement with their customers in a way that consumers can control. This increases the chances of success as well as brand loyalty according to Touchstone Research.

Tangible Online Products

One of the biggest hurdles with purchasing online products is that customers cannot experience them in tangible ways. However, brands are now offering options for customers to see how different colors and sizes would look on them through the use of Augmented Reality. Customers can even check what products, furniture, and home décor will really look like in their home. This makes the use of AR in the shopping experience quite fun, informative, and convenient.

Reduces Returns and Increases Customer Satisfaction

When people are able to experience products for themselves, they are more confident when they hit the ‘buy now’ button. This confidence can reduce the rate of returns for ecommerce companies, ensuring less shipping, repacking, and restocking costs for companies according to AffinityVR.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Augmented Reality also allows online shopping to become an immersive and interactive experience. Customers have more control when it comes to customizing products with these digital elements, which can make them feel more connected to the brand. AR allows them to adjust the sizes, colors and features, ensuring they find exactly what appeals to them the most. It is like having your own salesperson on the screen assisting you.

Augmented Reality is reimagining ecommerce shopping by creating room for experiences, engagement, and interaction. AR makes it possible for customers to discover products in depth before buying, offering a custom experience and building brand loyalty, in turn increasing sales for the e-commerce stores.

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