At CDS Visual, we have always talked about seeing the future. That’s because we started off with a belief that the future of business, in particular ecommerce, would be about visualization technologies. From our beginning over fifteen years ago as a three-person team working out of a makeshift office, to our recent announcement that we had become a Dover company, our DNA has always revolved around helping business see new possibilities – and seize the new opportunities that innovations like augmented reality, quote-to-price configurators and enhanced 3D visualization make possible.

Today, CDS Visual is dedicated to helping businesses grow their e-commerce platforms. Our focus has always been on b2b, and we specialize in solutions for operators and OEM businesses. Visual configuration solutions will help these companies prosper in the coming years – and I’m proud to say that CDS Visual has already helped so many different types of organizations thrive, from manufacturers to automotive companies to water solution companies and even software giants like Oracle.

A New World of E-Commerce Opportunities

When CDS Visual started in 2005, the digital revolution was still in its infancy. We had huge ideas and ambitions, but we were limited in what we could help our clients achieve, primarily by the constraints of Internet data speeds. Now, thanks to the incredible growth of network size and capacity, the possibilities are almost endless.

As we’ve all unfortunately dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic over the last years, businesses have experienced almost a real-time proof of concept on the power of high-speed networks. With tens of millions of employees suddenly shifting to a work-from-home posture, virtually overnight, the speed and capacity of the Internet infrastructure helped many companies continue on almost as before – and this unexpected event is even projected to help increase productivity for many. For CDS Visual, the presence of a fast, reliable and worldwide network ready to meet the needs of a global customer base makes it possible for us to help your business do so many new and powerful things.

Consider that the growth of 5G, along with the ubiquity of smartphones, will soon empower consumers to tap into what’s essentially a high-speed network from anywhere, anytime. On the business side, the growth of cheap cloud and network computing makes it easier and more cost-effective to deliver sophisticated technology.  While the product visualization industry is still in its beginning stages, it’s expected to grow about 20% per year – reaching about 4 billion in the coming years, according to Newswire. And consumer expectations are changing too – with one study showing that 64% of product returns occur mainly because the product that arrived looked different from the image that the customer saw online.

How CDS Visual Helps…

The power of visualization technology, stacked on top of a delivery system that makes it accessible to millions of additional customers, will be a game-changer for businesses all over the world.  And at CDS Visual, we are uniquely qualified to help your business thrive in this new era of e-commerce.

We make visual configurators that can radically change the way your customers buy your products online. Easy to use and even easier to implement, our visual configurators have already helped power tens of millions in sales for some of the largest companies in the world, driving a better CPQ and CTO (Configure to Order) experience.

With our solutions, engineering teams are able to more easily access the information they need to buy the right parts and build the right solutions. Designers explore new concepts that they might not have even considered before. Invaluable sales leads are more easily gathered and converted, since businesses can offer potential customers high-quality CAD downloads and a far better shopping experience. Quotes are generated, in real time, to the exact specifications of a potential or existing customer. New experiences, like augmented reality trade show booths, are being created that give businesses a “wow” factor that they never had before.

And that’s just the beginning. In the coming years, technology that sounded like science fiction just a few years ago will be a part of our day-to-day working lives. Virtual reality conference calls. Augmented reality shopping experiences. Completely digital catalogs – created right from CAD drawings with no photography needed, and product copy written completely by software. It’s all within reach – and CDS Visual is positioned to help you get there. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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About the Author: Aaron Smith

A dynamic leader whose career in software and high-tech spans three decades, Aaron Smith is responsible for the marketing and solution execution of the CDS Visual strategic vision.With a wealth of cross-functional experience and deep operational expertise across both small and large companies, Aaron specializes in helping Industrial Manufacturers leverage the power of visualization to drive sustained growth and high-impact results. Prior to joining CDS Visual, Aaron was a solution engineer at Vistagy, where he led customer-facing sales activities and customer support. He has also served as a product manager at PTC for the Windchill PLM product, as a support engineer at InPart, which was acquired by PTC, and as a Mechanical Engineer at Applied Materials in the Ion Implant division.

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