Augmented reality (AR) is a fairly innovation in immersive technologies that blends information with the surrounding environment, all through a smartphone or tablet.

Right now, Augmented Realty is being employed in multiple industries such as healthcare and manufacturing.  Augmented Reality assists with training simulations in healthcare, inspections or maintenance related needs in manufacturing or even within urban planning. However, one place it can truly shine is at trade shows and expos.

According to Statista, the worldwide mobile Augmented Reality market revenue is forecasted to be around $8.9 billion in 2021. This number is expected to increase as the number of smartphone users grow and gain access to Augmented Reality technology. Once this technology makes it into mainstream direct marketing platforms, like trade shows, other businesses may soon follow suit. Here’s why.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, product demos, and promos are excellent platforms for B2B marketers to showcase their products and services. With a sea of competitors, it becomes challenging to market your business and emphasize your unique products or services.  Having Augmented Reality technology by your side can help you market your products more effectively and efficiently. Not only does it make your booth stand out, but also offers the opportunity to showcase large or extremely heavy products without the added cost of shipping, delivery and set up. As a result, your booth will attract more potential investors and customers in the process.

Reduce Cost

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies tend to spend millions of dollars on decorating their booths at trade shows. This amount does not even take into account the cost of participation fees or transporting equipment and products to and from the trade show premises. Even after this financial investment, the trade show can be hit and miss. You may not gain the traction you were hoping for, resulting in an inefficient and expensive marketing venture.

Leveraging Augmented Reality technology in tradeshow booths offers an interactive and immersive way for attendees to experience a product or service. With the ability to showcase a product’s unique function through interactive animations, AR can demonstrate how it comes apart or is put back together with the ease of a smartphone, right there on the trade show floor. AR sets your product apart from your competitors’ product, which is likely sitting heavily in the corner of their booth, stagnant and unable to move.

Ending Note

According to Statista, the number of active users for mobile AR technology is about to reach a billion people worldwide, reaching critical mass adoption. You, too, can take advantage and deploy your own Augmented Reality technology. To find more about how you can use Augmented Reality at your next trade show, visit us at CDS Visual.

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About the Author: Aaron Smith

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