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No matter what industry you are in, the phrase “easily reduce costs” is like music to your ears. Especially when you can simultaneously reduce engineering costs PLUS speed your time to market while reducing order errors and raising customer satisfaction. Sound impossible? It’s actually almost incredibly easy to achieve… with the help of visual configurators.

If you don’t already know, visual configurators and product configurators are digital tools that allow your customers to virtually experience – and even customize – your products. Visual configurators can be either 2D or 3D and can include a huge range of options.

Customers tend to prefer visual configurators, since they allow shoppers to almost feel like they are holding a product in their hand. Visual configurators can make sophisticated products easier to understand – helping customers feel more confident they are ordering the correct item. Most importantly, modern consumers now expect an outstanding digital shopping experience – which visual configurators help provide.

Engineer Savings And Sales  

One of the most important ways that a visual configurator can help you reduce costs is by making your sales process so much simpler. A visual configurator can allow your customers to shift to a self-service ordering model, since the product configuration experience is as simple as point and click. This new experience tends to result in more customer satisfaction, since shoppers feel like they have greater control over the process.

Even better, for guided selling experiences, a visual product configurator can be a total game changer. A process that once involved flipping through page after page of a catalog can be resolved in seconds, since users can search by images, keywords, BOM and beyond. You’ll easily be able to reduce burden on your staff – while increasing your conversion rates and even improving your average deal size.

Increase Efficiency And Collaboration

Visual configurators can help you increase collaboration and communication throughout your organization – and even externally to your customers. With product information communicated through actual 3D or 2D designs, your sales team better understand your engineering team. Even your customers will be better able to explain their needs, since interacting with your product models will be intuitive and effortless.

One of the great things about product visualization tools is that they can be constrained by rules you set – so all configurations are actually achievable. This helps reduce engineering bottlenecks, reduces waste and increases user satisfaction.

Instantly Generate And Download CAD and 3D Models

At CDS Visual, we offer visual configurators that allow customers, sales reps and engineers to actually create downloadable files like CAD drawings, 3D files, 2D drawings and beyond.  This saves times, reduces engineering costs and can even be used as a powerful sales or prospecting tool.

Easier Marketing. Lower Costs

Especially for b-to-b companies involved in eCommerce, where SKU counts and catalogs can run into the tens of thousands, visual configuration solutions can help you save. Instead of publishing catalogs or managing expensive PIMs, advanced visual configurators can allow your customers to generate spec sheets, dimensional drawings and even 3D models on demand.

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