Facilitated by the advent of new innovations, the B2B e-commerce industryis currently undergoing a massive revolution. Aided in its expansion by globalization and digitalization of businesses, it is forecasted that its market size, currently at $6.7 trillion, will have grown to nearly triple to $20.9 trillionby the year 2027.

Much of the marketplace growth is also expected to be buyer-oriented. As the barrier to entry for suppliers decrease, and thus, their numbers increase, competition is likely to increase with it.In such a context, many manufacturers and distributors are banking on the adoption of the latest technologiestoensure continual success in an increasingly fierce landscape and maximize sales opportunities. One such adoption has been of 3D Configurators.

4 Ways 3D Configurators Drive B2B Sales

A 3D configuratoris a type of software that allows a business to create 3D digital visualizations of physical products. These visuals can be interacted with and personalized by their customer. This can aid in driving B2B sales in a number of ways.

1.Faster Conversion Times

The slower a customer moves through a sales funnel, the higher the risk is there for them to leave it completely. Improving conversion time is essential to improving the rate of a successful sale. In a B2B transaction, the use of 3D configurators helps complete the conversion process in two ways:

It lowers the information cost associated with the action as a 3D visualization can give more information in less time compared to most other mediums.

The ordering process becomes streamlined. Customers can personalize their order to fit their exact needs rather than waste time searching through numerous inventory options in the hope of finding one nearest to their specifications.

2.Promotes Cross- and Up-selling

With all your inventory items accessible under one menu,the customer can quickly assess and compare items,improvingthe chances of purchasing additional items on top of their existing order.

An example of upselling through the use of a 3-D configurator.

3.Improves Customer Retention

Retained customers are also more profitable customers compared to new acquisitions as they showcase a greater willingness to engage in higher valued transactions. The employment of 3D configurators can improve customer retention by enhancing their buying experience, empowering them to take the center seat in the design and specification of their order.

4. Empowers Sales Teams

By streamlining the ordering process in a B2B transaction, 3D configurators take away much of the unnecessary burdens off of your sales teams, allowing them to focus more on their core competencies. Less time is wasted reprocessing quotes and explaining product customization options available and more time actually moving a client forward through the sales funnel.

Wrap Up

Customer expectations in the B2B sector continue to evolve, with a premium increasingly being placed on the user experience.For suppliers, the use of 3D configurators allows them to keep up with these trends and ensure continualimprovementin their bottomlines.

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