Today, the connection between online commerce and digital content is more important than ever. Online brands now strive to keep their customers engaged with catching and attractive content. By understanding the cause-and-effect between enhanced digital content and a satisfying customer experience, online retailers can transform their digital presence to exceed the expectations of clients and gain a stronger edge against their competition.

Enhanced digital content can be photorealistic product images, configurable CAD models, 3D visualizations and images with 360-degree spin, all of which can help customers gravitate towards a brand or product. That’s because about 65% of people are visual learners, according to Social Science Research Network and the same is true for visual buyers.

Improves Buyer Confidence

Enhanced visual content gives you the opportunity to be more informative and useful. By providing customers with enhanced product imagery such as 360 spin or photorealistic images, they are better equipped to make a more informed buying decision. Brands that use enhanced digital content understand the motivation behind a customer’s product search and can provide them with the appropriate visual tools to connect better with the product.

Enhances Customer Loyalty

Enhanced digital content shows visually, all product angles and details with an in-person like experience, removing any doubts and concerns about the product prior to purchase. Because these product visualizations showcase every aspect and detail of the product accurately, customers feel more comfortable making an online purchase. This is vital in gaining customer trust and creating customer and brand loyalty.

Purchasing with confidence offers your site repeat customers, low bounce rates, lower return rates as well as higher return on investment.

Reduces Product Returns

According to Return Logic, retailers experienced a total of $41 billion loss due to returned goods in 2019. Inaccurate product description and misunderstanding of the product is one of the top three reasons for product returns. This means that retailers themselves have the power to reduce their own product return rates by implementing more accurate product visuals across their eCommerce website.

Returns are usually caused by a lack of understanding of the product’s details and capabilities before purchase. This can easily be solved by adding enhanced visual content, allowing deeper insight into the product’s specs and details at the point of sale. This offers a higher chance of customer satisfaction the first time around, with less return hassle for everyone.

Results in Higher Conversions

Enhanced digital content can affect your key performance metrics, including conversions, sales, and rate of return. According to Amazon, a high-quality content experience can improve sales by 5%. This number may seem small; however, it can make a difference of millions of dollars to your company’s bottom line.

Amazon Agency, Orca Pacific, reports that enhanced content can improve your conversion rate from 3% to 10%. This means a better ranking in the search engine, which in turn leads to more traffic to your eCommerce website and increased sales in the long run.

The Bottom Line

If you are facing declining revenue or attracting quality traffic, adding enhanced visual content to your eCommerce store can provide a solution that will transform the online customer experience. At CDS Visual, we offer product visualization and augmented reality solutions for manufacturers and distributors that can increase customer engagement, encourage brand loyalty and reduce product returns. Reach out to us today.

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About the Author: Aaron Smith

A dynamic leader whose career in software and high-tech spans three decades, Aaron Smith is responsible for the marketing and solution execution of the CDS Visual strategic vision.With a wealth of cross-functional experience and deep operational expertise across both small and large companies, Aaron specializes in helping Industrial Manufacturers leverage the power of visualization to drive sustained growth and high-impact results. Prior to joining CDS Visual, Aaron was a solution engineer at Vistagy, where he led customer-facing sales activities and customer support. He has also served as a product manager at PTC for the Windchill PLM product, as a support engineer at InPart, which was acquired by PTC, and as a Mechanical Engineer at Applied Materials in the Ion Implant division.

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