As the CEO of Atheer Inc. put it, “Augmented reality offers the promise of providing every member of the industrial workforce with relevant, contextual and customized information and guidance from across the enterprise into their field of view in a seamless, hands-free, intuitive manner that transforms the way we work.

Augmented Reality (AR) Use Cases?

Since earlier this year more and more industrial AR successes have been published and the graphic above is PTC Vuforia’s guidance on the use cases getting the most successful traction.

Any of these use cases may be the most important to you. For example, if your urgent need is replacing retiring skilled workers then capturing their skills and knowledge in immersive AR for new recruits may be your priority. On the other hand if revenue growth is your priority then applying AR in field sales may be your priority.

How Should You Get Started with AR?

Here are the suggested steps you need to take to do so – you may have done some of them already:

1. Select a Use Case as your initial focus– it might be in any of the categories above but choose one that will likely have the greatest benefit/ROI for your business.

2. Carefully collect and edit the content – the key to AR success is delivering the right content to the users so that they save time and are more productive. Work with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure the content will suit the users.

3. KISS – keep it simple… – start small and straightforward, use the least elaborate hardware necessary, iterate with your target users to improve the content and usability.

4. Measure the productivity improvement – both before your AR solution and once your new AR solution is in use and calculate your ROI.

5. Step and repeat – choose your next most valuable AR project and build on your experience gained so far to speed up the next project

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